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Interview: Antivirus review platform, SafetyDetectives, examine the role of hardware and firmware security

Updated: Feb 21

Flexxon Co-Founders

In an interview with SafetyDetectives, Flexxon Co-Founders Camellia Chan (CEO) and May Chng (COO) discuss the evolution of their company, founded in 2007, from industrial storage solutions to pioneering hardware and firmware security solutions.

Here's a snippet from the interview with writer, Shauli Zacks.

Can you provide a brief overview of Flexxon and its mission in the tech industry?

May Chng: We are a pioneer in hardware-based cybersecurity solutions, addressing an overlooked segment of the cybersecurity market that is essentially the weak link in even the most well-funded security postures.

We founded the company in 2007, and originally focused on industrial NAND storage solutions, serving the niche industries of the industrial, medical, automotive, and aerospace sectors. We grew to serve many Fortune 500 companies and customers in the miliary and defence sector due to their need for highly reliable, high performance and non-negotiable security for data storage. This led us to rolling out our first generation of security solutions in 2017, built upon the twin pillars of Data Integrity and Data Confidentiality. These solutions focus on static security, such as key management and encryption.

We pivoted in 2019 when we recognized the dire need for dynamic storage solutions to properly deal with the evolving state of cybercrime. This also came with the notion of embracing a Security-by-Design mindset due to the rising sophistication of cybercrime.

This is what gave rise to our flagship cybersecurity solution, the firmware-based AI-embedded X-PHY SSD. Today, it is a multi-awarded and patented solution that effectively defends against Zero Day exploits. This has since evolved into a suite of solutions that covers endpoint security for individuals and enterprises.

We have since been evolving rapidly beyond our legacy business, with a mission to bring accessible and efficient solutions to all digital citizens. Our latest security solution, the X-PHY Vault, was soft-launched at CES just 2 weeks ago.

Can you provide insights into how the AI-powered solution in X-PHY® detects and identifies threats in real-time?

Camellia Chan: The X-PHY is a completely revolutionary cybersecurity solution that closes a major gap in today’s predominantly software-centric security landscape. The X-PHY is like an intelligent brain within the hardware setup of a device, that utilises patented AI and ML algorithms to autonomously monitor and detect incursions in real-time.

Here’s how it differs from external security solutions:

Security at the external layer has to deal with not only 6 network layers as opposed to a single physical layer (data link, network, transport, session, presentation and application), but also the compounded variables within each layer. Within the Application Layer alone for instance, we are looking at interactions between tens or even hundreds of apps on a user’s device with the network. Common apps that you might be familiar with include web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and email clients like Microsoft Outlook and Gmail.

In contrast, the physical layer is far more fixed. With an enclave environment that does not need to be concerned with the external layers, the variables are greatly reduced. At the physical data storage level, the environment is engineered for one-door access/a single access point. There is literally only one way in and one way out.

This makes threat monitoring, detection, and action far more reliable, accurate, and speedy, because the environment is completely within the user’s control and the attacker has nowhere to hide and no way to mask himself.

This is the battleground in which the X-PHY operates, acting as a sentinel to guard your data against cyber attacks. Deployed within endpoint devices, it protects stored data proactively and autonomously.

Read the full interview with SafetyDetectives here.

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