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Interview: Tech exec follows code of making modest gains in areas he is familiar with

ZJ Loh, CTO of Dedoco

ZJ Loh, Chief Technology Officer of Singapore-based digital trust startup Dedoco, shares his wealth building strategy in this candid interview with The Straits Times.

Here's a peek at his personal portfolio and investing tips:

ZJ on his personal portfolio

"I used to have quite a diversified portfolio: around 10 per cent in cash, 50 per cent in stocks and 40 per cent in property. When Covid-19 hit, I temporarily exited my stock investments in 2021 and also liquidated my property assets in the US. Rather than trying to time the market, I prefer to scout for opportunities to re-enter the stock market but with a more conservative approach this time. 

Almost all my investments are in technology companies, following Warren Buffett’s philosophy of investing only in areas that are well within one’s understanding. When it comes to high-risk investments, I would say my penchant for always joining start-ups can be considered one, but where I have the added opportunity to shape and influence the company’s vision.

Overall, I firmly believe that investing is an essential and fundamental part of financial planning and management. Although the percentage allocated to each asset class may vary, the foundational elements such as property, stock, bonds or commodities should always be broadly incorporated." 

His top investing tips

1. Don’t be greedy because retail investors always “eat last”. Such investors are often the last to benefit from market information or trends. They generally also have minimal influence over market movements because of their small trading volumes. So focus on modest wins and maintain discipline. If all else fails, go for the long term.

2. Be cautious with all low-risk, unrealistic return portfolios as those are most likelier than not “wolves in sheep’s clothing”.

3. A missed opportunity is still better than a sizeable loss.

Read the full interview here.

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