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Stories: No two individuals are the same, but these nurses have one thing in common

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Last month, I had the privilege of interviewing and writing employee stories for three amazing nurses at Swedish-owned Chronic Kidney Disease care provider, Diaverum.

While they all have distinct personalities, each of them carry a deep sense of duty and care for their patients. Sharing that their ultimate goal is to see each patient get better, feel healthier, and leave happier at the end of each dialysis session.

Here are my favourite moments from our conversations:

Chester: His love for his family, patients and this opportunity to give back

"I believe that optimism is a powerful tool in all our lives, and is especially important when it comes to interacting with our patients. I remind myself that every single day is an opportunity to make good memories with those around us, have a good laugh, and show our gratitude for their kindness and trust. This was especially poignant when I attended the funeral of a patient that I had known for a long time, which served as a strong reminder to always show gratitude, express thanks and make positive memories with those around us."

Manzula: Her quiet but assertive belief in her duty of care

"As a deeply spiritual person, I believe that the satisfaction that my colleagues and I derive from caring for our patients far outweighs any other measures of success. Being a nurse can of course be a very hectic job, where we are on our feet for many hours a day caring for multiple patients that depend on us. I am grateful that I am supported by a like-minded team of colleagues at Diaverum, who have the same mindset as me to always put our patients first."

May Ling: Her good natured approach to challenges

"Two decades ago, I took a chance on a career in nursing. Back then, I was not entirely convinced that I would make it in this profession because I hadn't thought much about it before entering polytechnic at the age of 17. However, once I made my decision, I told myself that I would make it no matter what."

Read their full stories here.

Photos courtesy of Diaverum.

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