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News: Flexxon receives quartet of awards at Global Infosec Awards

Hardware cybersecurity solutions pioneer Flexxon today announced that it has been awarded four prestigious accolades at the Global InfoSec Awards 2023.

The company took home the awards for its executive leadership and outstanding hardware-based cybersecurity solution – the X-PHY Cybersecure SSD.

The awards were received for the following categories: Top Chief Executive Officer, Top Women in Cybersecurity, Editor's Choice Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Best Product Ransomware Data Security Solution.

Ms Camellia Chan, Co-Founder and CEO of Flexxon, said, “We are honoured to be selected for these four awards, and are grateful to the independent panel of judges and team at CDM for recognising the dire need for a renewed approach to cybersecurity protection. We are strongly advocating for a mindset shift in the industry, where current software-based approaches are bolstered at the foundations with hardware cybersecurity solutions to provide holistic data protection for users. I hope to see more forward-looking companies take the next step in elevating their cybersecurity approaches by embracing hardware-based fortification.”

Read more about the announcement in this article by Tech Coffee House.

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