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News: Flexxon & Digi-Key in new global distribution partnership

Singapore-headquartered Flexxon today announced that it has secured a global distribution partnership with Digi-Key Electronics, a global leader in the distribution of electronic components and automation products.

The new arrangement expands on the parties’ existing 2020 partnership for Flexxon’s storage products, and now includes Flexxon’s X-PHY Cybersecure Solid State Drive (SSD) suite of hardware-based cybersecurity solutions. All of which can be found on Digi-Key’s Marketplace.

Ms Camellia Chan, Co-Founder and CEO of Flexxon, said, “We are thrilled to be partnered with Digi-Key once again to extend our reach to bring a new generation of cybersecurity products to businesses across the world. Cybersecurity lies at the core of all business operations today, and it is necessary to build a holistic cybersecurity framework from the internal hardware level outwards into the external environment. The X-PHY complements software-based solutions to work tirelessly at the physical layer and protect essential data at all times.”

Ms Kaili Simpson, Product Manager, Semiconductors, Digi-Key Electronics, said,“We are pleased to bring on board Flexxon’s X-PHY cybersecurity solutions and offer a new approach to our customers in fortifying their data protection efforts. As incidents of cyber-attacks and data breaches continue unabated, we believe that a refreshed approach to building a cohesive cybersecurity defence will support many businesses in protecting their critical data and assets.”

Learn more in this article by Cyber Security Asean.

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