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News: Incorporation of Heron AirBridge advances AAM in Singapore

Singapore-based digital aviation and cybersecurity provider Heron Technology announced the incorporation of Heron AirBridge, the company’s stand-alone Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and drone technology business.

The formation of Heron AirBridge reflects the company’s steady progress in the development and testing of its proprietary Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) solution, AirBridge, in real-world conditions.

The newly formed entity will serve an essential role in enabling the fast-moving AAM industry by developing and providing customised digital platforms on which the industry’s hardware will operate.

Through the multi-year course of the AirBridge platform’s development, the company has worked closely with AAM industry partners, regulatory bodies, and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) across the region to design a secure, reliable and tailored solution that will form the bedrock of the AAM industry.

Learn more about Heron AirBridge's plans in this article by Asian Aviation.

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